Sidi Genius 6.6 Carbon Lite

Sidi Genius 6.6 Carbon Lite
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Go ahead and ride as far, fast and hard as you want. You'll stay super comfortable and pedal more efficiently than ever in Sidi's Genius 6.6 Carbon Lite road shoes. Thanks to their Sidi Carbon Lite soles, these shoes are light and stiff for awesome pedal power, while the breathable Lorica/mesh uppers offer luxurious comfort and keep you cool and dry. Plus, you'll benefit from Sidi's Arch Compression Straps, Caliper buckles and customizable Heel Security System that provide the perfect fit with no hot spots, slipping or pinching. There's a reason you see these on so many pros. People who ride for a living need great shoes.

In order to mount your pedal cleats to your shoes, they must have matching bolt patterns (pedals come with cleats, shoes come without). There are three configurations (diagram) used on cycling shoes, SPD-R, Look/SPD-SL and SPD. Road shoes feature one, two or even all three of these. Mountain-bike shoes usually use the SPD pattern. If you're unsure what bolt pattern your equipment uses, please contact us. We're here to help!
Sidi's Arch Compression Straps are anatomically shaped to spread the pressure and provide a snug, secure and ultra-comfortable fit.
Sidi's Carbon Lite sole.
Sidi's hand-made Carbon Lite soles optimize your power transfer while protecting your feet. They're made from high-modulus carbon laid up in opposing angles to balance stiffness and resistance to impacts and mechanical stress. This high-tech layup provides excellent support with a slight amount of flex, which improves blood circulation and doesn't stress your feet so you enjoy serious comfort on every ride.
Sidi's Caliper buckles make it super easy to fine-tune how tight your shoes are even when you're riding. Simply lift the Ratchet Levers to tighten, and press the Side Levers to loosen the fit or release the strap.
Fit Relievers are tiny cuts in the tongue that reduce bulk and keep it from rolling over and digging into your foot.