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Shimano EW-WU101 Di2 Bluetooth Transmitter Unit

Shimano EW-WU101 Di2 Bluetooth Transmitter Unit
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Any Di2 bike that uses E-tube wires (all except 7970) can be upgraded to use Bluetooth connectivity. Owners of existing bikes will simply need to install either the EW-WU101 wireless communicator or one of the new display units. May need a new battery mount or internal battery, BM-DN100 S1/S2 or BT-DN110 respectively.
Updated Wireless communicator allows Bluetooth connectivity to mobile devices
Bluetooth communication will allow dealers and riders to connect to apps for either iOS or Android
Tablet app available that is tailored to user needs offering pre-set function, error checking, firmware updates, and customization
Ant Private
Requires new Bluetooth battery (BM-DN100 or BT-DN110)
ETA for this product is Sept. 19th

Part Numbers

689228853973 IEWWU101 SHI45834403E