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Road Frames

Cervelo P3 Frameset
The P3 is an iconic bike in the triathlon and time trial circuits. Offering real-world aerodynamic advantage and flexibility in fit and positioning, the P3 will enable you to be the fastest version of yourself. Integrated Aerodynamics Out of all of a bike's features, optimized aerodynamics have the biggest impact on your speed. We applied learnings from years of building the fastest aero bikes to create the P3 frame, with distinctive design elements and frame tube shapes which reduce drag and make you faster. User Friendly Performance The P3 will let you focus on training and racing, rather than stressing about your bike. It has flexible storage options (an accessory mount on the top tube and bottle carrier mount on the seat post) and a wide range of fit options, so you can dial in your optimal position. Optimized Stiffness You will feel it from your first pedal stroke: a stiff response that inspires you to pedal harder and go faster. The P3's frame is carefully engineered for an optimal stiffness to weight ratio for impressive power transfer and stable and precise handling.
Cervelo P5X Frameset
The P5X represents the culmination of years of dedicated research, development, and testing, all focused on building the perfect bike for triathletes. For the P5X Cervelo put all preconceived ideas aside and started the R&D process with one goal—let the needs of the triathlete dictate. The result is the fastest and most user-friendly triathlon bike on the market. Seeking balanced performance, Cervelo engineers applied advanced design and construction techniques to create a frame that is stiff where it's needed for pedaling efficiency, while compliant for a smooth ride. The result is that you feel strong and comfortable during the bike leg and primed for a great run. The P5X is faster and more aerodynamic than any other triathlon bike Cervelo has tested. And it is not just fast in the lab—the P5X is the most aerodynamic bike when you ride it fully loaded with the hydration and nutrition requirements of a long distance race. You can carry three water bottles in adjustable bottle cages between the bar arms, behind the saddle, and on the down tube. On the top tube there is a removable storage box and a bento box, and there's a removable storage box for the down tube as well. When you're spending hours in the saddle, comfort is essential. The right amount of vertical compliance in a frame makes for a smoother ride, helping to reduce rider fatigue. The P5X's radical frame design (with no seat tube or seat stays) and special lay ups provide a huge improvement in rider comfort. Precise adjustments to fit and handlebar position are easy to make so you can dial in your comfort. And since many triathlons involve travel, the P5X features a Split Base Bar which allows for easy packing and transport, without complicated cable removal. This feature lets you easily pack your bike into a small space—whether a travel case or your vehicle. All of these thoughtful details add up to a bike that achieves the goal Cervelo set for it. And with good reason—you spend countless hours preparing and dedicating everything to your best performance. This bike will support you along the entire journey.
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